Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Catch Up

Today marked four years since I have been with my fiance. He is such a wonderful man and has always supported all of my endeavors, no matter how quirky or mundane. We celebrated our anniversary by going to a very popular restaurant in town and then to Barnes and Noble afterwards. Since tonight was a special evening, I busted out my absolute favorite pair of shoes that my mom purchased for me years ago while in Europe. I only wear them on special occasions because I want them to last forever.
My pretties. 

I was also gifted with a book that I have been wanting for a very long time. My fiance flipped through it and mumbled something about how you could basically get the same information from a catalog. I've read about half of it and so far find the book to be an insightful read that makes you think about how and why you decorate a space. If I may, here is one of my favorite quotes from the book thus far:

"Good decoration solves problems elegantly"- Deborah Needleman.

So true! Especially when you have a teeny tiny apartment and each room needs to serve multiple purposes. 

In addition to being a fun read, the book is also filled with beautiful watercolor pictures that could even be framed if you so wish. I would highly recommend the book!

Happy Friday and enjoy some time with your loved ones!

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